Saturday, July 2, 2011

Always a Happy Ending...

For a minute he just looked at me.  He didn't look surprised, just like he was carefully contemplating his options.  Who could blame him? How often does a barely legal chick ask for a happy ending to a massage from a guy she's never met? Looking back, Im glad he took the time to think.

"Call me old fashioned," he said quietly as he leaned closer to my face," but I usually buy a girl dinner and get to know her first."

"How about tonight?" I asked, knowing I was pressing the boundaries of even my own boldness.

"Sure, how does nine sound?" He looked slightly amused

"Thats fine"

I got up from the table, not bothering to cover myself.  Alessandro looked away, but I thought I saw him peek just for a second.  I left the room after putting my robe back on, and headed back to my room.


I watched her get up from the the massage table only for a second before looking away.  I caught a glance of her full, supple breasts, and lithe frame.  It was obvious she took care of herself and had a certain amount of natural beauty.  Thats what I liked about her, she didn't have to try in order to be pretty.  As she slowly slid on her robe I shivered.  Her creamy, tan skin glistened in the delicate light from the oil. 

I had not expected her to be so forward when I  first met her but I liked that she was unafraid.  Too many times I met women who became so nervous around me any kind of meaningful conversation was impossible.  But with this girl I could tell it was going to be different.

It was only after she left that I realized I had not asked her name.  I became so caught up in the moment, I had forgotten to ask.  But it seemed a rather trivial thing to worry over.  I knew I would get my chance to learn her name and maybe much more about her. 

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