Friday, April 1, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Once I got close enough to the door of the room I saw the lights were on and music was playing inside.  This immediately saddened me because it meant that Cary would be home.  I sighed and unlocked the door.
Inside the music was much louder, and the room was much warmer than it normally was.  There were 5 naked people, 3 girls and two guys, in various positions in the center of the room, performing various sexual acts, and no one noticed that I was there.  As I stepped forward my feet hit several beer cans and other empty bottles that used to contain alcohol, making lots of noise as they banged together.  There were lines of coke on my laptop, and various pills laid out on my dresser.  Everyone there looked pretty fucked up, too fucked up to notice I had walked in, or were they so into their sexcapade that they didn’t care? I took a step forward, once again bumping into more bottles and finally got close enough to Cary’s CD player to shut it off.  Cary looked up and said “Kristin!” and then just sat there, not bothering to move, even though there was some strange guys dick in her ass.  It was also then that I looked around the room and noticed a used condom on my bed, and some sweaty guy who left a wet ass print on my comforter when he got up to get his clothing.  

I stood there in shock.  I was not sure what to do.  And then one of the other girls, who had been sucking one of the guys cocks, made up my mind for me quite easily when she vomited a huge amount onto the floor a few feet from where I stood.

I’m usually not a tattle tale, but I’d had enough of Cary’s shit.  I pulled out my phone, snapped one picture of the overall scene I walked into, then  turned and stormed out of the room.  At this point Cary must have pulled the dick out of her ass because she was screaming after me, and I could hear the bottles clinking on the floor. I walked straight to the RA’s room.  Her door was open so I simply walked inside, gently grabbed her arm and told her she needed to come with me.  I must have looked serious because she put up no resistance as we glided down the hall, towards the sound of Cary still screaming my name over and over.

When I walked into the room with the RA everyone was still in their original places except Cary who was standing, naked and sweaty, at the door of the room.  I pushed past her, towing the RA behind me.  The girl that had vomited before I left was still vomiting. The puddle was now at least three feet wide, and widening each time she heaved.  Everyone was still naked and seemed unaware that anything was wrong.  Cary seemed to be the only one that was alarmed, even though she was just as seriously drugged up as the rest.  She moved around me, and in front of the RA; placing both her hands on the RA’s shoulders to steady herself.  With a lot of effort she managed speech and said, “I am sooo sorBLAAAAGGGHHHH!!!” Cary had projectile vomited all over the face and chest of the RA, who screamed and started trying to wipe the vomit off her face while Cary turned slightly and started vomiting on the floor next to the other girl.  The scent of vomit, stale alcohol, sweat, and sex juices had heavily permeated the air and it was getting hard to breathe.  I calmly turned, grabbed Cary’s towel from the bathroom and handed it to the RA, then I propped open the door to the room because the stench was so intense I thought I might vomit myself.  

After the RA wiped off her face she called the police.  Cary passed out before that phone call with her hair in the pool of vomit and naked, while the others just stayed where they were, also naked, staring with incredibly dilated pupils and a goofy grin on their faces, giggling every now and again.  

To be Continued…

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